Karen de la Carriere’s Twitter Cheat: EXPOSED


Following on the heels of yesterday’s exposé on Twitter cheat, Jeffery Augustine, we continue our examination of the unethical practice of paying for fake users in order to seem more popular.

As we are learning, this behavior appears to be widespread among those in the rabid anti-Scientology circles. Today we can report perhaps the most dramatic abuse of Twitter follower manipulation we’ve seen since we started reporting on this.

According to socialblade.com, the website of record in the field of Twitter analytics, the Twitter account used by Jeffery Augustine’s own wife, Karen de la Carriere, has been subject to intense scrutiny by Twitter so far this year.

Twitter’s official audit of her followers is as damning a report as ever we have seen. In the graph below you will see Karen de la Carriere’s ‘total follower count’ at its highest point, somewhere north of fifteen thousand in July of last year. Note the anomaly of the downward spike in followers, as fake users are culled in the wake of The New York Times’s January article exposing the widespread use of ‘bot armies’ across Twitter:

Losing five thousand users in such a short space of time must have caused de la Carriere such panic that she immediately ‘re-purchased’ more fake followers, resulting in a dramatic uptick in her perceived popularity sometime around February. Sadly for Ms de la Carriere, her newly acquired bot army of ‘fans’ would only last a few days until Twitter —once more— caught up with her.

As Twitter continues to eradicate fake users from its platform de la Carriere’s total followers continues to drop from 15k Twitter users mere months ago to today’s all-time low of less than 5K.

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