Leah Remini Exposed by Insider

Long scouted as a dream collaborator in Leah Remini’s bigoted A&E hate show, Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun a former external affairs officer for Scientology, has posted as series of absolutely scathing video take-downs of Remini and her team of television hucksters.

Rathbun’s YouTube videos offer biting insight into the real drive behind Leah Remini’s every move, exposing just how fraudulent the entire machine behind Remini and her poison project has been since day one. Rathbun breaks down all the lies and fabrications in detail to lay bare how Leah’s show has attempted to turn her cottage industry of ginning up false attacks on Scientology into cold hard cash.

While we would recommend all 12 episodes to your viewing in their entirety, helpfully we’ve found a page hosting Rathbun’s curated videos and excerpted statements. Watch for yourself and see the levels of dishonesty this A&E show has been willing to sink to. We think it’s high time Remini be be exposed for the dishonest, calculating and money grubbing publicity-stunt-artist she is.

Some highlights from the clips:

  • Leah Remini told Rathbun “I didn’t participate [in Going Clear] because they wouldn’t pay me,” and “I don’t do anything unless I’m paid. Nothing.”
  • Leah Remini said she was so well backed financially that Marty Rathbun could dictate his own terms for participating as a subject and producer on the show.
  • Leah Remini orchestrated and created the story of her leaving the Church.
  • Remini explained reality TV to Rathbun as follows: “Listen, that’s how it works, honey, doll, that’s how you do it. It’s not reality. I work it out, I plan out all these episodes and we figure it out beforehand who’s going to say what and who’s going to do what, and we, what do you think, I’m just going to put a camera on myself?”

Remini’s fake series took ‘reality TV’ to a whole new level of false impression.

The rest of the curated videos may be found here:

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