Leah Remini Has a Radicalization Problem

An honest question for Leah Remini’s anti-religion program:

With all their angry (at times positively unhinged) accusations of criminal activity on the part of the Church of Scientology, where is the evidence that Scientology is actually breaking the law?

Mike Rinder and Leah Remini certainly have resources (A&E’s corporate legal department for one) shouldn’t we have seen some of this evidence exposed by now if Remini wants her federal investigation? Or better still, how about any evidence whatsoever?

We’ve all seen how critics like Remini and Tony Ortega will pounce on even the smallest crumb in an attempt to make a meal out of it, so where’s the promised feast? If no criminal activity is being exposed on the show, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that this means they can’t find any? As in none?

Leah and company have been so busy hyping “the soon-to-come” investigations that they haven’t noticed where the real investigations should begin, namely the effect their show is having to radicalize those who would use violence as a means to an end.

Look at the latest violence they’ve inspired in Australia.

The public is beginning to take notice.  Even E!Television is getting in on the act of asking some of the hard questions we all need to be asking ourselves.

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