Leah Remini & Mike Rinder Can’t Stop the Paul Haggis Rape Case


Last week we spotlighted Paul Haggis’s worsening legal problems after a judge in Manhattan tossed out his lawsuit to silence Haleigh Breest, his former publicist and alleged victim, while ruling that her rape charges against him stand and will proceed to trial.

In permitting Ms. Breest’s case to go to trial, New York Supreme Court Judge Robert Reed also allowed an amendment to her complaint that detailed sexual assaults committed by Haggis against another three women.

The complaint stated in part:

Ms. Breest was not the first woman Mr. Haggis raped and she was not the last he attacked. Since Ms. Breest filed her case, three other women have come forward to denounce Paul Haggis for rape and sexual assault. The experiences of these additional women and Ms. Breest make clear that Paul Haggis is a serial predator who has preyed upon women for many years.”

The seriousness of allegations of Haggis alleged habitual proclivity for predatory harassment and rape activity, Haggis resigned from the board of a charity he founded in 2009 to save it from the disgrace of association with his misconduct.

One of the three as yet unnamed additional sexual assault victims repudiated the Remini/Rinder defense of Haggis and in doing so described Remini’s attack on her as “shameful”.

Much of Hollywood has already turned against Haggis, even going so far as to derail talks for a new show his been pitching around town, according to industry insiders.

What few defenders remain for Haggis are led by the Leah Remini and her TV producing sidekick, Mike Rinder, with occasional shoutouts on his blog from longtime suck-up, Tony Ortega. Despite their repeated underhanded ploys to change the narrative of the case, the combined forces of Remini/Rinder and Tony Ortega will be powerless to contravene the rule of law granting Breest and Haggis’s other alleged victims a fair and full trial. ‘The truth will out’ as Shakespeare reminds us. And that truth may well spell an end for Paul Haggis that no about of spin from his defenders can stop.

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