Leah Remini: Truth Behind the Lies

An intriguing story crossed our desks this morning that we wanted to make sure our readers got their eyes on. It’s been an open secret in show business that Leah Remini is terribly difficult to work with.

But leaked conversations with her co-workers are shedding new light on a developing situation, according to Radar Online. It seems the network might finally be reaching their breaking point with her narcissistic antics. Word from people on her own show is that Leah Remini is in danger of being fired from her own show because of her diva-like behavior.

Radar reports that a source from inside Leah’s bigoted production commented this week:

“She is a total nightmare to work with… She was given a HUGE pay raise, forcing them to cut the production staff!

Apparently when Remini was told this would result in people losing their jobs for her in order to afford her a fleeting income boost, sources said she sniffed and whined, “Fine, just cut the budget!”

Show insiders have complained that the Remini has been cherry-picking stories focusing on the most emotionally manipulative angles in a last ditch effort to bump up ratings before the network give her the inevitable axe.

The source went on to suggest that, for Remini, the show has become nothing more than an outlet for her “huge ego that’s become unbearable.”

We here think that this may be the truest story yet to come out of Leah Remini’s failing show.

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