Leah Remini’s Atheist Agenda

Fallout continues following the stunning rebuttal of Leah Remini’s abhorrent television series in the form of the Green Lighting hate video which surfaced earlier this week.

Many critics have noted the staggering drop in viewership over Remini’s show the past couple seasons. It seems the folks over at A&E have decided to double down on the hate for its third season.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, Leah Remini confessed the show has been “emotionally draining”. Presumably because when your whole motivation is cruelly designed to denigrate and smear an entire religion it begins to take an emotion toll. Who could have guessed?

In the rambling shambolic interview, Remini further admits that the latest season has seen some retooling, explaining that the focus of the show is beginning to shift from bald face emotional manipulation to an exhilarating exploration of the inner workings of tax-relief for religious organizations. Surely this is what audiences have long been clambering for, a pulse-pounding exploration of the inner workings of the American tax code. If this is the game plan for growing your audience, Leah, might we suggest you schedule a few more meetings with executive heads? Who in their right mind would pitch, let alone implement, such a strategy?

But then, right-mindedness has never really been a much of a strong suit among the critic crowd, has it?

When asked about the future of the show, Remini turned to the recent episodes focusing on the religious organization known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Perhaps this signals what many watchers, skeptical of Remini and Ortega’s anti-religion movement have long expected – namely that they will not stop until they have attacked any and all people with religious convictions.

Remini ends the interview by patting herself on the back, citing the many thanks she has received from the atheist community for her ‘brave stance’ in taking on people of faith concluding, “[n]ow we’re being reached out to by people who are asking us to look into the Mormons.”

First it was Scientology. Then when the ratings began to tank, they went after the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now it’s the Mormons. It’s increasingly clear these people won’t be content until their atheist agenda has attacked every expression of organized religion which brings order and meaning to people’s lives.

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