Leah Remini’s Dilema

While we’ve been looking at some of the chief aggressors in the dark world of hate-inspired propaganda, we thought it would be valuable to take a step back and look at the corporations supporting and promoting these bigots.

Starting with the biggest of the bunch: The Walt Disney Company. To call this multi-billion dollar corporation an industry titan would be an understatement. In fact, its fiscal revenues exceed that of many small countries.

And yet, for as rich as Disney is, it remains responsible to its stockholders. And that is where corporate mega-sponsors of hate are at their most vulnerable. When public pressure becomes too great, shareholders get nervous and corporations are forced to respond and take corrective action. That is why it is particularly interesting to note that Disney (together with the Hearst Corporation) owns A&E, the infamous network which promotes and gives platform to renowned religious bigot Leah Remini.

As of the most recent quarterly reports, it appears that A&E’s advertising revenue has been experiencing a continues slump, repeated every quarter since early 2017. Not at all a surprising fact when you consider how many A&E advertisers have been jumping one specific reason: Leah Remini’s show has become a toxic asset. 

Remini’s show exits for the purpose of attempting to smear Scientology with the same old lies and rehashed emotionally manipulative “personal narratives” critics have long been concocting and sharing amongst themselves. Leah Remini has a personal vendetta against Scientology and she has duped the network into giving her a national megaphone with which to spread her tired brand of hate.

It was this vitriol that viewers initially tuned in to see, much in the way one slows down to see a particularly ugly looking car crash. There is something compelling about the spectacle. And, if nothing else, Remini’s show was a decidedly spectacular car crash. Unfortunately for Remini the public has a short attention span for her narcissistic self-obsession and her ratings have fallen through the floor. Advertisers are taking notice, recognizing that they are paying a network for programming that is attacking a religion, and they are bailing out.

Disney does not like the chaos of instability and uncertainty. And, frankly, that is about all Remini has to offer at this point.

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