Leah Remini’s “Secret” Wish

If there was ever any doubt that Leah Remini is a world class quack, let her post of January 2 put those scurrilous rumors forever to bed. Apparently Remini is now shilling for the New Age fad of ‘manifesting’, made popular by the the widely debunked and ridiculed theory of the ‘Law of Attraction” dreamed up and hustled to suckers in a book called “The Secret.”

Those naive enough to buy into Leah’s line of thinking believe, as their sappy self-help “Secret” dictates:

Now that’s a level of moronic thinking has got to leave even Tony Ortega speechless.

In seeking to further popularize this nonsense, Remini posted an animated gif with rapidly cycling options for what one might “manifest” by sending out these ‘magnetic signal’ wishes and invited her dimwitted readers to take a screen grab to see what the new year holds.

We’re always up for a laugh here at the blog so we gave it a try and were honestly shocked at its accuracy. Maybe there’s some truth to this idea that your wishes can come true…

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