Leah Remini’s Sordid History

The Internet has been lighting up with news of Leah Remini’s imminent firing, which is really nothing more than another in a long list for her.

It got us thinking about her rather sordid history of chronic un-professionalism and not playing well with others.

For example, way back in March of 1999 when Remini was sued by her own management team, Handprint Entertainment, for refusing to pay them their legally required commission. The public storm that debacle caused did little to help her reputation in the industry but it’s just par for the course for Leah Remini.

A second case in point occurred between 2003 and 2004, when Remini also was once more embroiled in a lengthy dispute with her former business manager, with whom Remini had broken her legal contract. (Seeing a pattern here yet?)

Her manager was forced to battle Remini for months in arbitration until it was finally resolved in April 2004, with the arbitrator concluding that the former manager had not violated any rules and that he should be compensated by Remini for 13 of the 26 episodes of the 2001 season of King of Queens. Remini also forced to pay him a settlement amount for breaking the contract. During the course of this particularly messy episode, a number of damning statements about Remini surfaced like this one on Remini’s signature self-destructive behavior:

Leah’s diva-like behavior has become so uncontrollable that it’s now become a question of when (not if) she will be fired from her projects. We’ll be standing by to report the latest to you as it develops.

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