Ortega’s and Remini’s Source Jailed

Surprising absolutely no one, one of Leah Remini’s sources was returned to jail and held without bail for violating his criminal restraining order. Brandon Reisdorf broke his restraining order for the express purpose of harassing staff and parishioners at the San Diego Church of Scientology.

Brandon Reisdorf had been convicted of a felony hate crime by the time he was put on Leah Reminis A&E show. Producers of the program knowingly put him on anyway so that Remini could laud him with praise for vandalizing the Scientology property after making assassination threats.

It’s been documented that Remini and her sidekick Mike Rinder have been coaching those on her show to best to incite hatred against Scientology and, indeed, how A&E’s “documentarysources are paid for their participation, in the manner of tabloid journalism.

Repeated attempts to warn A&E that its programming has led to more than 600 threats of violence have been ignored by the shows producers. As have public outcries demanding that a show which encourages increasingly outrageous acts of violent intolerance be immediately shut down.

With one of Leah’s enablers now in custody, can it really be that long before they start locking up more?

Tony Ortega quickly spun the story making his criminal source look like a victim. He wrote, “It pains us to report that Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance in the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, has been arrested again, this time for attempting to enter Scientology’s church in San Diego. … We’ve spoken to him numerous times about that in the last couple of years, and he was hopeful that it was going to happen soon. But it was also clear that Brandon’s emotional problems were not going away. This was a young man who desperately needed serious help. We wish we could have done more than simply bring up his recent behavior with his family. Maybe we could have.”

We are wondering if Ortega ever investigated the events that preceded Reisdorf’s decision to vandalize a place of worship. He was deprogrammed,. But as always Ortega’s bias and hate blinded him from seeing the truth.

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