Leah Remini’s unlucky Friday the 13th

We’ve been looking this week at how Twitter has been cracking down on individuals who have been gaming the system through the use of fake users to make themselves appear more popular than they are.

We’ve seen how critics like Tony Ortega, Jeffery Augustine, and his paramour Karen de la Carriere, have all been red flagged, caught cheating, by Twitter during this purge of fake users for hire from its platform. Today, however, we turn our attention to the most stunning example we’ve seen yet.

This time it involves the ‘official’ account Leah Remini uses to market her television program. The dramatic decline of her ratings was common knowledge in the industry during her underwhelming second season. What was unknown, until now, is what Remini and her PR team seem to have done about it. It looks like they knowingly violated Twitter’s Terms of Service by hiring an entire army of dummy Twitter accounts to pose as fans.

Using a complex array of algorithms and forensic tools, in recent months Twitter has been working behind the scenes deleting bots and other suspicious accounts at a staggering pace. Well it seems like this month, they finally caught up with Leah.

Observe the graph below:

On Friday the 13th, Leah’s Twitter experienced something of a massacre, losing a whopping 15,169 fake users in a single day – and that’s only what has been discovered so far.

Talk about a horror show!



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