Letter from a reader


An unexpected reader wrote to us the following letter.

“I was doing a search on a particular individual and I stumbled across your blog and read the article “Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Karen de la Carriere”.

Your article doesn’t begin to explain what a cold, evil, vicious and fake individual Karen de la Carriere is, and I speak from experience. Let me state from the outset that I was never a Scientologist but I have very good friends who are Scientologists.

Karen blew up at me because I did not agree with her notion that she was royalty and demanded to be treated as such. When I asked her what royalty? She said that she was royalty in a previous life. I told Karen that I respected her belief in reincarnation but not to expect me to treat her like royalty especially when she wasn’t. She resented me from that moment on and proceeded to tell all my friends fabricated stories that I was a criminal and that I had done horrible things. Thank God my friends never believed a word that came out of her mouth. That’s what Karen does if you “cross” her, she works hard to drive a wedge between you and your friends.

Karen late son, Alex, was not exempted from his mother’s wrath.

Karen exploited her son’s death for a mere appearance in the tabloids. Alex and I spoke on a regular basis and he was hurt when his mother viciously screamed at him that she had disinherited him and banned him from contacting her ever again. Alex didn’t care about Karen’s money or imagined inheritance. He only wanted his mother’s affection, though he was aware she was eccentric and delusional – she reminds me of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Alex attempted to call Karen several times but to no avail, she always hung up on him. Alex’s last unsuccessful attempt to reconcile with his mom was six months prior to his death where Karen, once again, cold-bloodedly hang up on her son. Those are important details she intentionally left out from the “dramatic” stories she told the media while fake tears rolled down her cheeks.

Karen’s biggest lie is that the church is responsible for Alex’s death when he had not been a church staff for well over two years prior to his death, besides Karen knew what was going on. Alex told me that his sister-in-law was in touch with Karen and he decided to ignore it and see how low his mother was willing to go to spy on him using his sister-in-law, yet on the other hand Karen refused to take his calls. When Alex died Karen was aware of what was happening contrary to what she told the media. She used every bit of that tragedy to her advantage.

Knowing Karen she will deny everything I have written but that’s how Karen is. When faced with hard evidence she dismisses it by claiming, “It’s just propaganda against me. They are all lies.” And I say call Alex’s sister-in-law and see if she is honest enough to admit that she was spying for Karen.

Most of the time Karen has no facts to substantiate her claims and her modus operandi has always been to invent dramatic facts if there aren’t any.

It is sad to see how Karen gets away with her vicious and harmful lies but karma will eventually catch up with her if nothing else for the way she treated her only son considering that in every previous pregnancy she discarded the babies.


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