Little Bigot In A Big, Online World

Last week we looked at two individuals, Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton, who belong to a troubling group of social media abusers who flaunt anti-hate speech terms and conditions clearly posted by these platforms.

Part of what drives crackpots like Tony Ortega to obsessively continue their campaigns of trolling and online harassment is the clear and obvious bias which feeds their anti-religious fervor.

Take Tony Ortega for example. As an avowed atheist of the lowest order, Ortega has a wellspring of mockery and snide contempt for anyone who doesnít believe the way he does.

Tony Ortega (and his equally intolerant wife, Arielle Silverstein) has attacked people of all religious affiliations over the years. The example below, taken from a long and vicious thread in which Tony Ortega lashed out at religious people.

As you can imagine, Tonyís anti-faith hate rant fell largely on deaf ears.
After all, Tony Ortega may be an angry little man on an anti-religious and anti-spiritual crusade against all religions and spiritual pursuits, but he is not a particularly effective one.

For all the effort Tony Ortega makes to create controversy by antagonizing folks on Twitter he has precious little to show for it after all these years ñ dwindling numbers of Twitter followers. Fewer likes, link shares. Disappearing Twitter ëmentionsí.

Tony Ortegaís unique dynamic of radical intolerance coupled with his obsessive desire to persecute religious minorities just isnít earning him the attention it once did.

With all the biggest sex trafficking websites folding up and social media platforms cracking down on online hate speech, these must be lonely times indeed for a little bigot like Tony Ortega in the big online world.

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