“Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Ashamed of You, Mr. Ortega”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

‘Race relations’ is a subject we are hearing a lot about recently. Making headlines across the nation, it seems the topic of race is in the forefront of the country’s collective conscious. And people everywhere are speaking their mind about it.

All of this reminded us of the time that Tony Ortega offered up his half-baked ideas on racial matters when he was hack writer for a Kansas City tabloid, The Pitch. We figured today might be a perfect time to look back at just how Tony Ortega’s bigoted opinions were received at the time.

We are convinced that today’s letter is nothing short of a doozy and lays bare exactly what clear-headed men and women thought (and still think) about Tony Ortega’s so-called “journalism”.

The letter reads:

I have been sitting here trying to find a civil and unbiased way to respond to this. Then I realized that Mr. Ortega didnt put that effort into his own article, so why should I put it into my response? Mr. Ortega is acting like a bigot — bigger than any Westport merchant. He sees a new establishment open up in Westport, and because it does not cater to illegal minors and appeals to working-class people regardless of their race, he automatically assumes that it is an establishment set up solely to chase off black youth.

Is he insane? Has he ever owned a business? People do not open a place of business to scare people away — they open a place of business to make money. Period. As far as kids loitering around drinking establishments after dark … well, he should complain to the city, not complain about the bars.

In the future, Mr. Ortega should consider the ramifications of what he is doing a story on as well as the basis of that story in reality, because what he wrote is obviously a story — a grand work of fiction. He takes a few things that he claims are obvious bias, backs nothing up with any facts, and uses these fabricated racial profiling or discrimination charges and twists them to suit his own little self-important race issue.

Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of you, Mr. Ortega.

Jeramy Gruber

Kansas City, Kansas

Even though this letter by Jeramy Gruber of Kansas City was penned some 15 years ago it is astonishing to see just how little has changed, particularly in the way Tony Ortega insults the intelligence of the readers with the baseless bias of his claims, the fact-free content of his ‘grand works of fiction’, and the twisted charges he fabricates against those who threaten his ‘own little self importance’.

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