Meet David Azzato: The Off-shore Force behind Backpage’s Successors

Recently we reported to you the strange turn of events which lead to both the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security joining the fight against Backpage, almost a year after the monstrous syndicate was seized and shuttered by federal authorities.

New information out today suggests that both the DOJ and DHS are casting a wide net and implicating many foreign-based sites trying to exploit the same loopholes in American law that Tony Ortega’s pals who ran Backpage once did.   Specifically, these new investigations are seeking to determine the scope of their ties to David Azzato, a Swiss businessman convicted in France back in 2011 for running a network of escort sites using the Backpage model.

While Azzato has denied any current connection to the sites, sources familiar with the investigation explain that authorities believe he is actively involved.  Forensic accountant Bassem Banafa, who assisted authorities in the Backpage case, puts it this way: “Critical parts of the intellectual property and payment and network infrastructure of these sites are linked to David Azzato. Based on this analysis, he is likely still the beneficial owner of all three sites.”

Thankfully, for every hack journalist like Tony Ortega who serves the bidding of anyone corrupt enough to put him on the payroll, there remain dedicated investigative journalists committed to tracking down stories wherever the truth may hide.  A couple of these journalists have discovered that Azzato’s name appeared in registration information, email addresses, and corporate records tied to some of the sites in question, as well as that the .com versions of the Rubmaps and EroticMonkey sites appeared to have begun redirecting to .ch (the top-level domain for Switzerland) versions after the Backpage takedown.

A spokesman for Azzato claims that his name was fraudulently used as the contact for EroticMonkey.

These are the true stories of Backpage which, unsurprisingly, are nowhere to be found on Tony Ortega’s blog. A year ago we couldn’t get him to shut up about Backpage and its ‘noble’ pursuit of what Tony Ortega seemed to suggest was its First Amendment right to get rich off selling children for sex.

If you’re curious about what a fake ‘journalist’ like Tony Ortega deems newsworthy these days look no further than his latest expose mocking volunteers and victims of hurricane Dorian.

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