Meet Karen de la Carriere’s private investigator


Gary W. Hoffman

Have you ever wondered where Tony Ortega gets certain not so public information? After all he is just an unemployed blogger since he was “fired” by Backpage’s owners in September 2012. Currently Michael Lacey and James Larkin are under indictment for running their multimillion dollars sex trafficking ads at

We know that Ortega has a couple of internet scavengers that work for him with Rod Keller being the senior scavenger.

Ortega was obtaining stolen goods and stolen mail from John Joseph who died while he was being investigated by the Postal Authorities for mail theft. Ortega wants you to believe he has a network of spies and tipsters that feed him sensitive information. While it might be true that he has a spy or two and a hacker it still doesn’t answer the question how he obtains his information. The answer is Gary Hoffman a Los Angeles based private investigator rumored to have been Karen de la Carriere’s paramour before Jeff Augustine became her new lover.

Gary Hoffman has been doing investigative work for Karen de la Carriere for many years and he is the go to guy when someone upsets de la Carriere or her “close” friends.

Evidently Hoffman doesn’t just offer his investigative services to de la Carriere.

Hoffman carries de la Carriere’s birds around (as you can see from the Facebook posting), walks her dogs and illegally feeds wild life after de la Carriere was busted and cited by the Los Angeles Park Rangers.

We discovered  citations issued against Hoffman and de la Carriere.


























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