Meet Tony Ortega’s Former Sex-selling Boss Carl Ferrer

Defendant Carl Ferrer, who has been the CEO of Backpage for many years, personally helped one sex trafficker ensure that his sex trafficking ads would be posted on the website after the Backpage locked his account for posting an ad for sex.

As previously reported this sex trafficker went by the username “Urban Pimp.” When his ads were temporarily blocked, he complained to the Ferrer that his sex ads were blocked and noted that he was trying to post sex ads in more than 50 cities in the United States. Rather than ban “Urban Pimp” from the website, or report him to law enforcement, Mr. Ferrer advised “Urban Pimp” that he had unblocked his account

In another internal email, Mr. Ferrer expressed concerned that sex traffickers would be unhappy if the company actually banned their sex trafficking ads that violated the “posting rules” and “content requirements.” Mr. Ferrer concluded that banning the sex trafficking ads would be “too harsh” a punishment to impose on his cash cows.

Instead, Mr. Ferrer directed the employees of the Backpage that it was “[b]etter to edit by removing bad text or removing bad language” so that sex traffickers could “adjust” to these changes.

Rather prevent sex ads and sex trafficking, the Backpage developed the “posting rules” and “content requirements” in order to help sex traffickers and prostitutes create and develop sex ads that were less blatantly for sex. The Defendants took these affirmative steps because they wanted to help sex traffickers and prostitutes avoid detection by law enforcement so that the Backpage could continue to profit from the illegal underage sex ads.

Of course we know now that the Backpage did not stop its work creating an online marketplace for sex trafficking. And men like Ferrer’s lapdog Tony Ortega aided and abetted them in this pursuit.

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