Meet Tony Ortega’s Most Trusted Source: John Joseph, Mail Bandit

A while back we ran a couple of pieces about Tony Ortega’s known accomplices and so-called ‘informants’. The stories proved quite popular, as it seems a number of our readers were unfamiliar with exactly the type of bottom feeders a world class hack like Tony cavorts with.

Today we are proud to publish another exposé in the sad litany of charlatans and conmen who help Tony craft his various conspiracy theories and propaganda hit-pieces.

Meet John Joseph. (Pictured left on a security tape in the act of committing a federal offense.)

Ortega describes Joseph as one of his “most productive and most trusted sources about what was happening inside the Church of Scientology.”

Is that so, Tony? Seems you are forgetting one rather glaringly relevant tidbit about the bona fides of your “most trusted source” aren’t you? (Hint: John Joseph’s vaunted ‘productivity’ relied almost exclusively on his absolute lack of compunction towards violating federal laws surrounding redhanded mail theft.

Joseph  would routinely break  into Scientology mailboxes and steal anything he could get his hands on (be they letters, DVDs, publications or packages) which he would then forward on to  Karen de la Carriere   and  her henchman-for-hire,  Tony Ortega. Often resulting in the contents of these stolen goods somehow getting published on the open sewer feed that is Ortega’s blog.

As if further proof of JJ’s criminality were needed, it is now clear that Joseph himself also published his illicit materials under a pseudonym on a website based off-shore in Panama  that had been set up to traffic in stolen goods.

When the above security camera footage was unearthed, capturing Joseph in the very midst of his crime, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service opened an investigation. But Joseph died of a long-term illness  before the probe was completed and federal level justice could be meted out.

To moral, clear thinking people everywhere thieves like Joseph are understood to be nothing more than common criminals. Not so in Tony Ortega’s world — to him he was an accomplice after Ortega’s own heart.

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