Mike Mallen aka BlindersOff

Michael Mallen (top) and Ron Miscavige

It’s been tense around the globe with international tensions running at all time highs and domestic unrest bubbling to the surface. There’s a definite undercurrent of rage animating some folks these days. Some of it might be justified, while some of the uglier sentiments are inexcusable in this or any age.

Take for instance the case of Michael “Mike” Mallen who was recently interviewed by a hate-monger who has built his brand by giving public platforms to deranged individuals including those known to have a history of making or instigating death threats, such as Mike Mallen himself.

The fact is that Mike Mallen, posting on Mike Rinder’s blog under the pseudonym BlindersOff, made a call for the public execution of the Scientology ecclesiastical leader.

When another poster pointed out that BlindersOff was invoking images of ISIS beheading hostages to make his unhinged argument, Mallen doubled down on his threat by saying the Scientology leader deserved it.

As of the time of this writing, Mike Rinder has made zero attempt to remove or redact the posted death threat from his blog. And we here find ourselves asking the obvious question: Why?

For his part, Mike Rinder can make no claim that he didn’t see it because he personally moderates and approves every comment, which means at some level he has given his tacit approval to Mallen’s death threat.

By letting Michael Mallen’s (aka BlindersOff) comment stand Rinder is sharing a measure of complicity with such a serious threat.

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