Mike Rinder’s Censorship


Mike Rinder Opts to Ban Reader after Linking to the Official Report on Ortega’s Backpage Scandal by the US Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

We’ve obtained the salient a portion of the now-deleted post that got user Marilldi banned. Apparently the truth behind it was a little to damningly undeniable for Rinder’s taste. Her post read:

This report contains three principal findings. First, Backpage has knowingly concealed evidence of criminality by systematically editing its “adult” ads. As early as 2006, Backpage executives began instructing staff responsible for screening ads (known as “moderators”) to edit the text of adult ads to conceal the true nature of the underlying transaction. By October 2010, Backpage executives formalized a process of both manual and automated deletion of incriminating words and phrases, primarily through a feature called the “Strip Term From Ad Filter.” At the direction of CEO Carl Ferrer, the company programmed this electronic filter to “strip”—that is, delete—hundreds of words indicative of sex trafficking (including child sex trafficking) or prostitution from ads before their publication. The terms that Backpage has automatically deleted from ads before publication include “lolita,” “teenage,” “rape,” “young,” “amber alert,” “little girl,” “teen,” “fresh,” “innocent,” and “school girl.” When a user submitted an adult ad containing one of these “stripped” words, Backpage’s Strip Term From Ad filter would immediately delete the discrete word and the remainder of the ad would be published. While the Strip Term From Ad filter changed nothing about the true nature of the advertised transaction or the real age of the person being sold for sex, thanks to the filter, Backpage’s adult ads looked “cleaner than ever.”3 Manual editing entailed the deletion of language similar to the words and phrases that the Strip Term From Ad filter automatically deleted—including terms indicative of criminality….

Mike Rinder wasted no time banning her, saying:

You really ARE a dup. Funny how you want to forward the scientology lies and try to make them seem true. You are EXPANDING on Marty’s bs, not finding it “informative.

This will likely be your last comment here…

Sorry, but taking up space on my blog to spew manufactured shit about Ortega is one step too far. You are now actively participating in the smear campaign against him. And that is not what this blog is for.

Bye bye.

Wow. Rinder calling Marildi a “dupe” (misspelled) for citing the official findings of the US government? This is a new low in censorship even by Anti-Scientology syndicate standards. Sadly, it is a standard Tony Ortega and his con-conspirators all too often live down to.

Marildi attempted to defend herself against Rinder’s imposed censorship by citing evidence of Tony Ortega directly contradicting Rinder’s ‘defense’ of his Anti-Scientology pal. She wrote:

FYI, MIke, another thing I read was a long article by Tony in defense of Backpage, and it came across that he knew all about what was going on with the adult ads. For example, he was the one interviewed by a journalist at CNN on the matter, and he provided them “with a two-page, single-spaced data sheet about what we’re doing to keep underage users out of Backpage.com‘s adult pages.”


The Senate committee apparently found otherwise, but sorry if I still have missing data.”

The truth of Marildi’s response was of course deleted from Mike Rinder’s propaganda blog. After all, as Rinder admits in his own words. “that’s not what this blog is for”.

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