Mike Rinder’s Violent Rhetoric

Recently we discussed several explicit and specific death threats which had been occasioned by the groundswell of hate Tony Ortega and his like gin up on their blogs.

Mike Rinder is no stranger to this same violent rhetoric, often writing posts intended to whip his commenters into a rage against Scientologists in the entertainment industry. Consider this selection from a typical post by Rinder on his blog:

“…. they are like cornered rats and will ultimately be wiped out entirely …”

By calling members of a religion “cornered rats” who will be ultimately wiped out entirely because they are such menacing, antagonistic rabid vermin”, Mike Rinder evokes the sort of language Hitler might have used were he alive and blogging today. Indeed, this bloodthirsty invective harkens back to the deadly rhetoric of earlier totalitarian regimes which lead to some of the darkest horrors of the 20th Century.

Is this the level of discourse people like Mike Rinder wish to impose upon their respective audiences? And if so, what is their objective in it? To foment more death threats? To incite violence? To ‘exterminate rabid vermin’?

History teaches words like these, fueled by hate, can lead to dark and bloody ends. But maybe this is what their present day authors intend?

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