Million Dollar Questions

Without doubt, the question we most often get asked here on the blog is, “Why isn’t Tony Ortega in jail already?!”

Believe us we understand your frustration in this, especially considering Tony Ortega’s bosses have already been outfitted with ankle monitors as they await their respective upcoming trials on a veritable laundry list of federal charges.

Indeed, one of the Backpage heads, Michael Lacey, walked out of a federal courthouse in Phoenix by posting a $1 million bond after spending a night in lockup following the FBI raid against the Backpage crime syndicate.

His release came a day after authorities revealed that CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge in Arizona and state money laundering charges in California. Of course, the company pleaded guilty to human trafficking in Texas and federal money laundering conspiracy charges in Arizona.

While the feds managed to swing a deal with Ferrer, getting him to flip and agree to testify against the other pimps facilitators supporting the Backpage empire, Tony Ortega has so far worked to keep himself off of everyone’s radar. 

Everyone but ours it seems.

Part of the federal indictment charges in Arizona allege that Tony Ortega’s co-workers over at Backpage ignored warnings to stop running advertisements promoting human sex trafficking, often involving children, because the site had brought in more than half a billion dollar in what the court described as “prostitution-related” revenues since its inception in 2004.

Readers of this blog want to know why Tony Ortega who was the most vocal advocate of the internal Backpage propaganda campaign which claimed Backpage was doing everything in its power to prevent these “prostitution-related” ads, remains a free man.

Clearly investigators have already determined Tony Ortega’s defense of Backpage was wholly predicated upon an internally orchestrated lie.

Doesn’t that suggest at the very least an active criminal conspiracy? Shouldn’t all the Backpage conspirators be rounded up to face judgment?  Where then is Tony Ortega’s indictment? His ankle monitor? His trial date? His call to account for his many crimes?

These are the million dollar questions we join with our readers in demanding a satisfactory answer to.

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