Money, Mendacity, and Body Count

Bitter ex-Scientologist Leah Remini has a credibility problem. How is anyone meant to take a single word or opinion seriously when she so clearly attempts day after day to wield her bias like a weapon meant to hurt and destroy reputations and personal lives?

The sad reality is that there are those weak-minded and unstable individuals upon whom Remini regularly preys. Such as the tragic recent case in Sydney, Australia.

The fact of the matter is over the course of its poisonous run, Remini’s propaganda program has made concerted efforts to stir up outrage and hatred against the Scientology religion and individual Scientologists themselves.

From the beginning it appears that this self-avowed ‘selfish and self-centered’ bigot who has ‘physically threatened people’ with alarming pattern constancy has been in the business of trying to sell her violence-inspiring rhetoric for ratings and money. And now there is a body count.

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