More Projection Than a Movie Theater

Tony Ortega doesn’t have a wide variety of intellectual tricks up his sleeve.

Indeed, the rhetorical power at his disposal consists mainly of bullying, mean-girl style whisper campaigning, and projection. And it is to this last idea, that of projection, which we turn our attention today.

There is a certain set of false assumptions Tony Ortega is fond of repeating about the people he hates. Ortega feeds these false assumptions through his Twitter and blog platform, the only two remaining outlets he can get published on these days it seems. He also feeds these lies to the public through his online goon squad. 

The interesting thing about these false assumptions is just how much they resemble the key identifying characteristics of Tony Ortega and his unscrupulous pals.

Take for instance the famous Tony Ortega line – that anyone who was ever involved in a religion is brain-damaged, deranged, and hopelessly narrow minded. Ortega relishes in this particular lie and we think we can see why. It is, after all, the textbook example of ‘projection’. 

One thumbnail definition of ‘projection’ is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or thing, or a way of attributing one’s own unacceptable qualities on to someone else.  Imagine the following scenarios – a married man who is attracted to a female coworker accuses her of flirting with him. Or a woman wrestling with the urge to steal comes to believe that her neighbors are trying to break into her home.  

It’s never the one projecting who is at fault, it’s always someone else. These examples – along with almost everything Tony Ortega has written in his so-called ‘journalistic carrier’ – are perfect examples of the sort of baseless ‘blame projection’ narcissists traffic in.

The fact of the matter is Tony Ortega is an unethical, opportunist who uses and abuses people and then lies through his teeth when challenged on it. But of course, lacking the self-awareness or humility to admit either about himself, Ortega projects these characteristics onto those with whom he disagrees or hates. 

One question very much worth asking yourself is what are the ways in which Tony Ortega has spoken the targets of his unbridled hate for that matter? Do you seen anything in those attacks which resemble the way Tony Ortega conducts his public/private life?

One needn’t look too hard to find that Ortega repeatedly accuses others of the very things he knows he is guilty of.   

And Ortega’s Anonymous sidekick aka Bozuri aka Arielle Silverstein is cut from the same hate cloth.

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