Natural Disaster, Tony Ortega

Natural Disaster, Tony Ortega

The other day we mentioned Tony Ortega’s absolutely insane series of complaints about aid to the Bahamas. (A humanitarian mission, our readers will remember, that Tony Ortega somehow feels entitled to weigh in on, having done less than zero himself to assuage suffering of any kind in that region.)

Well, now Tony Ortega is taking it upon himself to single out the selfless efforts of beloved icon John Travolta, who is volunteering not only his time but his expertise as a pilot to help fly water, food and more volunteer aid workers to the area.

One can practically hear Tony’s teeth clenching as he’s forced to admit on his very own homemade blog the truth that: “Travolta is a kind-hearted soul. We’ve heard that from every person we have talked to who knows the man.”

As stunned as we were to read praise of any kind for a Scientologist coming out of Tony’s mouth, the very next line finds Tony Ortega once more in his belligerent, passively-aggressive mud-slinging by recalling past instances of John Travolta’s screen work that didn’t meet Tony Ortega’s richly informed cinematic tastes.

What does that have to do with the crisis under discussion Tony? How do your petty film preferences help the hurting people of the Bahamas? All you can do it complain and moan, tearing down others who actually have the strength of character to act for the good of others.

Unsurprising, Tony ends his impotent toddler rant-post by characterizing the whole event as an exercise in “crassly cashing in on a natural disaster.”

On that score we are agreed. The entire run of the multiple posts you wasted everyone’s time with was exactly that and nothing more – a embarrassingly crass, if failed, attempt to cash in on a natural disaster.

Oh, and Tony, if you did want put your money where your mouth is for once and actually help with relief efforts rather than arm-chair quarterbacking from your underground lair, we read on your blog that John Travolta is flying volunteers out. You should look him up.

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