New Documentary Series Exposes True Horrors of Backpage Child Sex Trafficking

In our last post we reported to you about recent news out of San Diego of yet another Backpage pimp standing trial for the part he played in trafficking underage children via the online sex slavery platform devised and created by Tony Ortega’s former bosses. 

Though it’s been nearly four years since the crimes committed by Jonathan Madison — the pimp at the heart of our last post — justice has finally caught up to him. Just as it will for all those who conspired to protect and promote the Backpage empire.

All of this reminded us of a ground-breaking documentary series begun around the time of Madison’s initial capture. Originally airing on a local San Diego NBC affiliate, the expansive documentary series “Stolen”shines a light on the forced child sex trafficking Backpage traded in, exposing its horrific exploitation of children in San Diego and beyond. 

Told from multiple perspectives, “Stolen”explains why the illicit child sex market was so thriving across the country from the rise of the Backpage era until the lockdown imposed on all of us by the global pandemic. 

Chronicling the strength of survivors, their families, and advocates working to break that destructive cycle and reclaim their stolen lives, it is an unflinching look at the dark legacy Backpage has left in its wake.

Though this series may be hard to watch for some of our readers, we believe it is invaluable to understanding exactly what Backpage and its willing collaborators were up to. 

Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega tried in vain to make a case that the problem of child sex trafficking in America was overblown, in his words, by “hysterics” using “junk science”. 

We know this to be a lie. This series demolishes Ortega’s flimsy argument, setting the record straight in no uncertain terms.

The Full Series Is Currently Available For Viewing on the NBC 7 Website

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