No Free Pass For Bullies and Bigots

Peter Griffiths

A while back we blew the whistle on a strange, rarely seen co-conspirator of Tony Ortega’s named Peter Griffiths. He made the news when he was nailed by authorities in Ireland for publicly harassing members of the Church of Scientology.

The case was a text book example of exactly how Tony Ortega’s brand of bigoted intolerance can lead to real-world instances of lawless behavior. And the Irish legal system resoundingly agreed.

Now Ortega’s blog is engaging in some high-level spin, attempting to use his old propaganda tricks to convince his narrow-minded audience that his convicted crony was real victim in all this.

In his own words, Tony Ortega describes Griffiths as, “one of our very best and reliable sources, our man in Ireland.” He goes on to praise his convicted fellows as greatly “contributing to the knowledge base” of Ortega’s crackpot blog. (Whatever that means.)

Tony Ortega, in his typical obsessive self-righteous tone, laments the fact that Griffiths lost his harassment and assault case in court, writing: “…The years of litigation were not cheap. In order to pay his attorney, Pete did a fundraiser… but he also had to cash out a pension fund.”

The phrase ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” springs to mind.

Unsurprisingly, Tony Ortega doesn’t seem to share this view. To him it’s nothing short of a great “injustice” that one of his disciples was found guilty of harassment and assault, which it should be noted was caught entirely on video and resulted in a quick unequivocal judgment.

Apparently Tony Ortega has taken it so personally that he’s taken to begging for money on his blog for someone other than himself. Describing Griffith’s situation as “a stupid government pickle,” Ortega hounds his readers for a few bucks to, in his words, “keep the sheriff at bay”.

In our view, the world needs more justice for those who would seek to continuously harass and physically assault innocent citizens, not more free passes for bullies and bigots who believe themselves to be above the law.

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