No Free Passes for Abuser Tony Ortega

Twitter may be the last platform allowing Tony Ortega to publish his obsessive lie-driven hate-mongering, but over the past few years it’s also proven an excellent way to expose him.

We reported earlier this week on the ongoing investigation surrounding Ortega’s suspicious user base. But what of the real people who interact with Tony on Twitter? Recent years have seen a rise of his ‘former sources’ coming forward with harrowing stories of being harassed, bullied, and outright lied to.

In our view, these firsthand eyewitness accounts of Tony Ortega’s purported journalistic ethics are of key importance to unraveling the lie that Ortega is in any way a reliable, trustworthy source of information.

With that in mind we publish here the words of yet another victim of Ortega’s journalistic malpractice, urging other potential anonymous sources to avoid ‘serial abuser’ Tony Ortega:

You’re not alone. This is actually happening. I don’t know if you read my response to Tony on Twitter but please do if you haven’t… Not long ago I found out Tony wrote on his blog that he interviewed me “extensively,” which is a provable lie, then wrote that he didn’t write a word I said because I’m liar.

No proof for why I’m a liar or who he got it from. I wasn’t allowed the chance to speak for myself. And now like an immature child he’s completely refused to talk about this or take responsibility. How is that acceptable for an investigative journalist to do nothing that resembles investigating & instead write deceptive gossip?

Until Tony Ortega is forced to answer for this abuse (And yes, I said abuse because this isn’t even the whole story) I cannot in good conscience continue to protest Scientology along with him & the people who are also actively engaging in harassment.

It’s caused too many of Tony’s groupies to follow his example because Tony will block you for legitimately critiquing his apparent loss of humanity but he is allowing his commenters to verbally abuse & slander me in his comment section whenever they want. That’s ok. Those people don’t get blocked.

I take it like this, Tony must be really embarrassed about what he’s turned into because he can’t face me & has acted like a coward in confronting the seriousness of what he started. I have no respect for him. Besides a few brave people, all of what’s happening right now about this is being swept under the rug. It’s bullshit & I don’t give free passes for abuse to anyone.

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