No Kind of Respectable Journalist

We’ve been getting asked a lot here for more context on the developing scandal concerning Tony Ortega and his attempts to have a sexual affair with one of his story sources. As shocking as this story is, it is hardly surprising to any of us familiar with the way Tony Ortega conducts himself both personally and professionally.

We are committed to chasing down this important story as we believe it can shed light on exactly the kind of unethical monster Tony Ortega is. In the meantime we wanted our readers to have a fuller understanding of the context from which this scandal has begun to explode once more. With that in mind, here is just a small portion of the social media discussion that started this storm:

The post above began as a discussion of a sham article Tony Ortega had written for The Village Voice Tony Ortega’s piece began by his describing, in some detail, a young girl named Melissa Paris. 

It is this Melissa Paris Tony Ortega now stands accused of attempting to seduce. The fact that Melissa Paris is something of an unsavory character herself, however, should in no way detract from the fact that what Tony Ortega is accused of doing (namely: trying to have sex with a source) violates every reasonable exception in the books for journalistic integrity.

Ask yourself, what kind of real ‘journalist’ thinks he is above the ethical standards set forth by his profession?

The answer: No kind of respectable journalist.

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