Not Cool, Ortega… Not By A Long-shot

It’s always a little ironic when journalists castigate the subjects of their reports for the very things they are guilty of. Like the well known-anchor from a popular local news program in Southern California who for months gleefully reported on a number of infamous celebrity infidelities while himself in the midst of an extra-marital affair that would ultimately cost him his job.

Of course, this hypocrisy is really nothing new when it comes to Tony Ortega. By this point we all know to take Tony’s ‘investigative reporting’ with a walloping grain of salt but there is just something about his unofficial ‘rules are for thee and not for me’ policy which we find absolutely galling. 

Take for instance that time Tony Ortega took to the tabloid bully pulpit provided to him back in the days long ago when he had a job that issued him a regular paycheck.

It seems a story landed on Tony Ortega’s desk about a local sheriff’s director who had ordered one of his detention officers, David Cool, to produce a false memo suggesting former sheriff’s employee Tom Bearup was plotting to “attack” the sheriff’s office with explosives.

One would think a clearheaded editor with any integrity at all would steer a story involving ‘falsifying memos’ as far from Tony Ortega as humanly possible given his track record. Tony Ortega is, after all, practically synonymous with falsifying memos. So much so that the internet rumor fact-checking site has a page devoted to the kind of stunts Tony Ortega routinely pulls.

We hardly need to remind our viewers that Tony Ortega is the same man who faked a story about two rape victims starring in a fictitious reality show. Or the many times he has faked witness for his fabricated stories. Or faked scandals involving civic leaders at the state level. Or maligned the rich and the powerful simply because he was neither.

As bad as all this is, the most disgusting part of this story about Cool’s ‘falsified memo’ story’, however, is watching Tony Ortega play the part of the sanctimonious scold; wagging his finger in judgement at the very same sort of fraudulent antics that have made him such an untouchable pariah in the world of professional journalism.

With staggering hypocrisy Ortega writes: 

“…More potentially damaging is Cool’s claim that the director ordered him to write the false memo. “He wanted me to create a legal form, that would falsely accuse Tom Bearup of illegal activity,” Cool writes.”

And yet, creating false records in the hopes of implicate others in supposed illegal activity isexactly the sort of game Tony Ortega plays. The difference here being, as far as the records show, Tony Ortega has never been coerced or pressured into falsifying his work. By anyone. Ever.

Tony Ortega comes by mendacity honestly. Unlike the subject of his story, David Cool, when Tony falsifies facts to fit his personal agenda he does so willingly and freely, and all by himself. 

Not Cool, Ortega. Not by a long-shot.

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