“Nothing More Than Naked Greed And The Love of Money”

It’s been a while since we last checked in with what is happening in the whirlpool of lawsuits and litigation surrounding the Backpage sex syndicate for which Tony Ortega acted as defacto public-facing apologist.

For more than six years Tony Ortega paychecks were directly dependent upon how much ad space Backpage could sell to pimps looking to profit of sexually exploitable women, many of them underage.

We here at the blog have long contended that Tony Ortega and the men at the top of this sex-for-cash scheme were fully aware of their actions. After all, the men behind Backpage had created a profit driven business model fueled by young women and vulnerable girls being offered up to the highest bidder.

Among the many cases we’ve written about since this began, there’s one that truly highlights the thought process behind those like Ortega who continued to champion Backpage, even as the truth about its horrors were beginning to be exposed. It’s the brave case of a teenage child trafficking victim who was the first to file a lawsuit alleging that Backpage knowingly allowed her pimp to post ads for her “services” on their site.

The former child trafficking victim was bought and sold on Backpage through her pimp starting at age 14. In her landmark suit, she convincingly claimed that the explicit pictures her pimp posted of her on Backpage were of her as a minor, and that the men behind Backpage were knowingly advertising child sex trafficking.

Tony Ortega, on behalf of his Backpage masters, however, maintained that any and all claims of exploitation were overblown ‘hysterical allegations’, darkly suggesting that victims of Backpage’s sex trafficking, like the young woman in the case above and those who advocated on her behalf, were the real bad faith manipulators all along.

Indeed, as Tony Ortega’s co-worker from Village Voice Media Steve Suskind wrote about the above case:

The lawsuit is riddled with errors. The claim that we knowingly assisted [the child’s pimp] in committing criminal acts is a lie fabricated by a trial lawyer looking for a payday.

Oh, so Tony Ortega’s pal is suggesting that the true motive of girls trafficked and sexually abused under Backpage’s scheme are motivated not by a need for justice or truth but by nothing more than naked greed and the love of money?


This is the problem with men like Steve Suskind.

It is the problem with spineless Backpage sock puppets like Tony Ortega. 

Indeed, it’s the problem with Backpage pimps of all kinds. Bluntly, it is this:  they can only see the world through their own narrow, self-serving understanding.

To them there is no objective truth. There is only what you can exploit for cash and get away with.

And morally bankrupt pimp defenders like Ortega and Suskind simply lack the ability to conceive that anyone might see the world differently.

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