Nothing Short Of Offensive

Joseph Hazley

We are only too aware here at the blog just how dark the vast majority of any story involving mention of Backpage or its number one fanboy, Tony Ortega, can be. We know just how overwhelming the details of these stories can be.

But since the Federal Authorities shut down Backpage, the site Tony Ortega once lauded as the best thing since sliced bread, its reign as the undisputed leader in child sex trafficking has been ended.

Now the era of justice begins. We won’t call this a feel good story, but it is a sign of hope for things to come.

Yvonne Ambrose was the mother of Desiree Robinson, a 16-year-old who was sex trafficked on and killed Christmas Eve 2016, by a man she was pimped out to on Backpage.

The pimp who tricked out a 16-year-old girl before she was strangled, her throat slashed and her body discarded in a garage, by a man he set her up with through Backpage, was sentenced on Tuesday as the judge laid down the hammer on her pimp, sentencing him to 32 long years in prison.

We’ve mentioned before the steep sentences Backpage pimps are being subjected to. And today’s story we count as a definitive win for the good guys.

The 16-year-old’s mother, Yvonne Ambrose testified before Joseph Hazley’s formal sentencing, comparing Hazley to a slave owner. Said he was to blame for her child’s death even if prosecutors showed another man physically committed the horrendous act.

Ambrose told Chicago U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman: Joseph Hazley sold my baby. My baby! As if she was a piece of clothing” Our ancestors fought hard to keep us free from the same slavery that Joseph Hazley put my baby in.”

Prosecutors charged Hazley drew Desiree into a sex trafficking ring orchestrated through Backpage over which he reigned supreme, posting the women’s photos and ads on, arranging their meetings with sex clients, and transporting the women to meet with them.

They presented evidence that prior to her death on Christmas Eve of 2016, Desiree had said of Hazley in a message to a friend on Facebook: “He won’t let me leave.”

Hazley was so coldblooded, authorities said, he slept comfortably in his car while Desiree was being brutally killed, and that just days after her death, he was begging another woman to come work for him because the teen’s death had hit him where it hurt—his pockets.

Desiree’s death spurred her mother, Ambrose, to actively campaign against online sex trafficking and to put an end to Backpage, a site that was known to make money through ads promoting prostitution and other illicit acts, despite what manipulative, self-interested talking heads like Tony Ortega insist.

Ambrose was on hand last year when the president signed into law a bill aimed at online sex trafficking. Shortly thereafter the feds shut down Backpage. Now its founders are facing charges.

Though prosecutors proved the actual murder was committed by an individual who found Desiree being trafficked on Backpage, it is clearly a step in the right direction to recognize that the blood of the innocents raped and killed does not fall on the perpetrator alone.

In seeking the strongest possible prison sentence, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Parente argued that Hazley knew full well the risks of sending Robinson into appointments with strange men but chose to ignore those dangers.

As Christopher Parente said: This court holds him responsible for anything that’s foreseeable. To not hold him responsible (for the death), I think would be offensive.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

The guilt is rightfully shared by those who facilitated, indeed, actively advocated the Backpage child sex trafficking syndicate. From the top bosses to the lowest of the low, Tony Ortega. Any and all who participated must be brought to account.

To not hold them responsible as well, would be nothing short of offensive.

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