Nothing Stops A Yapping Lap Dog Like A Little Hush Money

We wrote about the bombshell conclusion reached by a recent in-depth investigation conducted by the blog into the curious matter of mysterious money packets suspiciously arriving at an alarming number of tabloid alt weekly papers connected to the shameful empire of smut built and sustained by Tony Ortega’s bosses, James Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Indeed, as a former editor with the Broward New Times who had received one of these Backpage hush money payouts told us:

All the former editors from newspapers owned by Jim and Michael, including me, received a $5,000-check… I didn’t cash it for a while and I discussed it with my wife. But it didn’t look like they were expecting anything in return so I cashed it. They weren’t paying us that much when we worked for them.”

We wonder how long Tony Ortega struggled over the decision to cash his check. Having not heard so much as a peep out of the once ‘morally outraged free-speech’ defender on the subject of Backpage, however, we feel it’s a safe bet to assume Tony rushed to the bank in a giddy haste before shutting his fat mouth once and for all.

Tony Ortega may not be an ethical human being. He may not be anything close to an actual professional journalist. In fact, as a chronically unemployed freeloader sponging off his wife and her family inheritance he may barely be considered anything other than a toxic drain on society.

But one thing is true about Tony Ortega, he is a truly loyal lap dog when it comes to the subject of hush money.

As our year draws to close, both Lacey and Larkin remain on course stand trial in a federal court in Phoenix, Arizona on charges of money laundering and facilitating prostitution in connection with their grotesque, inhumane stewardship of the Backpage empire.

Many observers believe with obedient (one might even say, cloyingly subservient) employees like Tony Ortega in tow, Backpage made off with upwards of half a billion dollars from the Backpage’s sex ad scheme.

But the question remains — how many underage victims did Tony Ortega sacrifice to online sex predators across the nation with his deviously contrived and shamefully mercenary pro-Backpage apologism?

In the absence of a concrete answer to the question above, we here at the blog firmly believe that James Larken and Michael Lacey should not be standing trial by themselves.

For the victims of such a gross abuse of corporate power to truly get the justice they so rightfully deserve we must join together to insist that Tony Ortega, the Chief Apologist and most willing accomplice in the dark history of Backpage, should be right alongside them.

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