Ortega Blog Melts Down Over Green Lighting Hate

The Tony Ortega blog is in full apoplectic meltdown following the release of a new video exposing the green light A&E’s given to self-described “crappy, has-been actress” Leah Remini.

Over at the Ortega blog, the man himself wastes no time launching into a tone-deaf defense of Leah and friends, seemingly oblivious to the irony that the king of would-be ‘exposé smears’ would call this factual rebuttal “over the top in its smeary smeariness”. Yes, you read that correctly, ‘smeary smeariness’. Tony Ortega may have been called a lot of things by his peers throughout his shameless ‘career’, but a true poet of the age is not among them.

In the characteristically sneering, self-satisfied sarcasm that has become the hallmark of much of Ortega’s blogging, he goes on to thank Scientology for the video. Perhaps in his twisted view of the world he imagines the truth being laid bare for the world to see about all the lying, the misdirection and flat-out tiresome muckraking he and his fellow ‘critics’ engage in, he imagines this somehow vindicates his point of view.

If that’s the case all we can do is shake our heads and direct you to the video so that you can decide for yourself.

Watch Greenlighting Hate Here

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