Ortega’s Cycle of Fake Careers

In a recent article we discussed how little, in fact, Tony Ortega has changed over the years. He has always been motivated by greed and pride. And he has always been an obsessive troll.

And it’s the subject of his obsessive nature that should be a major red flag to anyone who might be tempted to think of Tony Ortega was ever anything like a journalist, by anyone’s standard.

When Ortega was finally forced out of his cushy role as Editor-At-Large for The Village Voice, a former staffer at the Voice complained to the New York Observer that [Ortega] was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper. Sometimes he wouldnt even edit features.

Even then, his obsession was so overwhelming he refused to do the verb part of his overinflated job title. (Perhaps ignoring his ‘editing’ gave Tony more time to focus on being ‘At-Large’?)

But Ortega’s work colleagues were not alone in calling him out on his compulsive ‘anti-Scientology’ focus. Capitalnewyork.com called him almost obsessiveabout Scientology. Indeed, sources told Capital that both the newsroom and the sales side of the Voice had become increasingly uncomfortable with the volume of Scientology coverage Ortega was churning out. We thought it was destroying the Voice brand, said one former staffer.

Destroying the Voice brand with his own signature brand of obsessive hate. Now that’s classic Ortega!

In the interim years since his ignoble firing from the Voice, Ortegas career (such as it is) has fallen off a cliff. He couldn’t even hold down a job at The Raw Story, a parasitic online tabloid with all the credibility of a discount supermarket gossip rag.

After being fired from Raw Story’s gossip patrol, Tony appeared to have given up on the writing and tried his hand at being a ‘girl Friday’ for an obscure podcast for wannabe hipsters. Not surprisingly that went down in flames quickly – the show having been cancelled not long after Ortega came aboard. (Coincidence?)

Today Ortega seems to understand that he couldn’t cut it as a career journalist. Nor could he pull his (not inconsiderable) weight as a gossip columnist. He couldn’t even hack it as an assistant podcast helper.

Now he’s hanging up his shingle as the world’s first professional anti-Scientologist, specializing in propaganda and hate. Well Tony, if the past is anything to go by, you better starting dreaming up your next fake career now. We have a feeling you’re going to need it.

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