Ortega’s Incriminating Silence Loudly Proclaims Guilt

The shutdown of the adult section on Backpage.com, one of the biggest classified ads sites in the world, sent shockwaves through the seedy world of online human sex trafficking across the globe only a few short years ago.

In the wake of the this uncommonly prescient move by federal authorities, many with guilty consciouses were sent running for the hills. Some, like Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer tried to run. He, however, was soon arrested in Houston after landing on a flight from Amsterdam and nailed on a warrant which charged him with pimping children and other counts of fraudulent criminal behavior. When he tried to protest his innocence, authorities went public and announced they had proof that adults and children had been forced into trafficking through escort ads on Backpage.

The warrant made it clear that Ferrer himself, and many in his employ, had known for at least five years that Backpage was a “hub for the illegal sex trade.” Those still willing talk at the Backpage offices, have tried to spin Ferrer’s arrest as “an election year stunt”, claiming prostitution ads of any kind were a strict violation its policies.

By contrast, other guilty parties like once loud-mouth Backpage defender Tony Ortega seemed to lose all power of speech. Tony Ortega’s silence, though understandable in terms of further self incrimination, raises some serious questions.

If, as Tony Ortega would angrily charge again and again, Backpage would block ads that didn’t comply with his organization’s “strict policies’, why would he suddenly become so reticent in his defense of the company? Why is Tony Ortega unwilling to step forward and tell all he knows, if what he’s says is true?

The answer to this question should be abundantly true. Tony Ortega was, is, and has always been covering up for the child sex trafficking practices of his former Backpage pals.

Backpage founders have been telling reporters it became the target of a government “witch hunt” after a Senate report exposing that Backpage was facilitating criminal activity by editing out terms in adult ads that could indicate trafficking.

Tony Ortega, once a firm proponent of this fiction, may be one of the few people who could shed light on the matter. But it just might be that his silence is the only thing keeping Tony Ortega out of jail at the moment.

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