Ortega’s Latest: More Trick Than Treat

We broke the story, shining light on Tony Ortega’s latest half-assed effort to cash in for a quick buck with his latest ‘book’, an act of self promotion equal parts self-plagiarism and self-delusion.

Tony Ortega himself pulls back the curtain the con when he describes the book on his blog this way:

The chapters themselves are stories that have appeared before, but we worked with Paulette to bring them up to date. And hey, what a chance to indoctrinate your friends and family into our dark pursuit here…”

So much for subtlety. But then, nuance has never been Ortega’s strong suit.

As we trust our readers can imagine the comments section is an absolute graveyard populated by Ortega’s horde of brain-dead followers repeating what social commentator Bill Maher once described as ‘zombie lies’ – those stubborn falsehoods that die only to be exhumed again and again to wreak as much chaos and destruction as possible. Little wonder then, that Tony Ortega should choose Halloween as his launch date.

It’s been but a single day since Ortega’s self-published hack job became available as an online download and yet -miraculously!- glowing reviews of the full book litter Ortega’s page. One wonders if, in light of recent revelations concerning Tony Ortega’s scandal of fake Twitter users, he hasn’t upped his game and conscripted an army of fake book reviewers as well…

Perhaps in the end that’s exactly what makes Ortega’s foot-bullet marksmanship so extraordinary: even as his brain-starved minions mindlessly follow their predictably unoriginal pied piper, trumpeting his (unread?) fantasy stories with unearned praise, they’re accomplishing the exact opposite of what they intend — pulling the sheet off the ghost, revealing there was never anything there to begin with.

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