Ortega’s Strategy Exposed: Sanitize, Legitimize, Normalize

Hot on the heels of a former trafficked child sold and raped by Backpage and its accomplices, we have news of yet another still darker account of a new underage victim which further erodes Tony Ortega’s fraudulent Backpage defense.

As we have seen, the gist of Tony Ortega’s faulty argument that ‘Backpage and companies like it have guaranteed First Amendment protection to traffic individuals for sex’ falls apart when it is set against real world examples of exactly the sort of horrors that went on within the sordid pages of Backpage’s highly lucrative ‘personals ad section’.

Take for instance the case of a girl from West Palm Beach Florida, whose Backpage pimp was recently sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for forcing her — then a 15-year-old child — into sex with adult men an average of 15 times a day.

According to court documents, police found the girl, a five-foot-three 15-year-old with a swollen, bruised face and cuts inside of her mouth after her pimp punched her and threw her against the wall for allegedly ‘not working hard enough’.

          How many times have we seen versions of this same story played out again and again, all while Tony Ortega continued to petulantly insist he ‘simply couldnt tell you what happens when people meet on Backpage?!’

Well, we here at the blog will tell you. And we will continue to keep telling the victim’s stories until authorities commit to pursuing all of Backpage’s accomplices, lackeys, and complicit yes-men.

If there is any justice to be had for the children sold and raped via Backpage, we must pursue the pimps who trafficked them — and the perps behind the pimps who tried to sanitize, legitimize and normalize the brutal crimes which were being committed.

The pimp in the story above was sentenced to 15 years for rape and possession of child pornography. The Backpage child trafficker we looked at yesterday was sentenced to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty to human trafficking, child rape and promoting the commercial sexual abuse of a minor.

The point is these crimes are not isolated.

Where there is human trafficking, there will be coerced prostitution. Where there are bad faith operators willing to exploit the vulnerable, there will be children sold to perverts via online portals like Backpage to be raped to increase corporate profit margins.

Where there are unconscionable creeps like Tony Ortega who position themselves as de facto spokesmen for greedy, would-be mobster tyrants pushing their deceitful self-serving agenda — there will be lies. And no matter how “sanitized, legitimized or normalized” they appear, with Ortega behind them they’ll be lies all the same.

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