Tony Ortega is a former employee of the Village Voice—a publication which found itself in hot water when it was revealed they’d been advertising the services of known sex-traffickers in their seedy ‘Backpage’ section.

Ortega now runs the Underground Bunker blog. Billing itself as the go-to zone for (eye-rolling sensationalized, bigoted, anti-religious) rants, it gives away Ortega’s game. How much clearer can it be that this supposedly “legitimate” blog is nothing but a bully pulpit from which Ortega can indulge his intolerance disguised as social outrage and foist off entirely fabricated nonsense as “breaking news”?

Sources in the journalist community consider Tony Ortega a developer of false leads, and let’s be clear Ortega is not a real journalist and here is why. When evaluating information, we are often admonished to “consider the source.” In the case of Tony Ortega, the warning applies not only to the content of his blogs but also to Ortega personally and the “publications” for which he worked.

Alternative papers are free weekly publications that earn revenue most often through the sale of the kind of advertising that reputable newspapers won’t permit – adult bookstores, strip clubs, classifieds with strong sexual content, etc. In between the trash, they slip in tabloid-style articles, promoted as “edgy” or “daring” when, in truth, they are simply fabrications sensationalized by low credibility writers like Ortega. While some of these “papers” make an effort to rise above the rest, most are gutter rags that all too often define “alternative news” as a slanderous substitution of the facts.

Ortega has spent his life practicing this excuse for journalism within the New Times Media and the Village Voice Media franchise of alternative papers. This platform has suited him well, for Ortega wrote for sleazy tabloids like he was born to it, a disposition that was in evidence as far back as high school.

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The Basest Of Conceivable Scoundrels

Sometimes in the mad onrush of history we default into a sort of complacent read of events. Much of the shock of ‘breaking news’ at the time is lost on us as years pass and the calamitous impact of ‘events as they happen’ is dulled. This week we’re going to try something a little

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Karen de la Carriere

Karen de la Carriere is a retired mistress for hire, who likes the attention of hate-mongers that have built their brand by giving public platforms to deranged individuals including those known to have a history of making or instigating death threats.

De la Carriere lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her

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“H” for Hypocrisy

“As with so many other issues, it’s apparently going to take someone they personally know dropping dead before some of these selfish crackpots stop spreading misinformation and start thinking about the greater good.” – Tony Ortega on Twitter

File the above tweet by Tony Ortega recently under “H” for Hypocrisy. There’s

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Why Believing Anything that Tony Ortega Says

Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein

Tony Ortega certainly has no shortage of bigoted, narrow-minded and plain old hate filled opinions. Unfortunately for Tony Ortega, however, statistical analysis and research don’t care about his opinions.

Tony Ortega has been on an anti-religious and anti-spiritual crusade against all religious expression and spiritual pursuits for

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De-“Bunking” Tony Ortega’s FAQ

Over on Tony Ortega’s basement blog, hidden among the various hate rants and bigoted screeds which litter the site, there’s a rather interesting page in which Ortega himself pulls back the curtain to answer frequently asked questions posted by his wing-nut readers. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at these

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Why Is Roderick “Rod” Keller a Quack

Rod Keller with Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Arnaldo Lerma

Rod Keller identifies himself on Twitter as a senior reporter for The Underground Bunker. On Reddit he describes himself as an “OG Scientology investigator”. Ever wonder what type of skills you need to become either of these two things? Apparently it’s simple, stalk Scientologists

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Unemployed Blogger Self-imposed Lock-down

According to a recent Twitter post on his account, Tony Ortega is under voluntary lock-down. Tony himself tweeted out the news:

“Staying home, looking forward to the all-clear.”

The unexpected revelation is that Tony Ortega ever had any reason to leave the house even before his self-imposed lock-down.


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Backpage Trial

Time for a much needed update on the pending trial of the century, in which co-founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin will finally be called to account for the scores of sex trafficking crimes their platform made possible for so many years. The federal court trial is set for August 17 in Phoenix,

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Backpage: A Grieving Mother’s Story

On the subject of Backpage tragedies, a heartbreaking story came across our desks this morning. This one was a bit of a departure for us as it deals with the grief and chaos inflicted on the families of those who were trafficked by Backpage.

This is the story of Jennifer Holleman, whose daughter was sold

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Both Victim and Victimizer

Latesha Clay

We’ve gotten a lot of questions in the wake of a story we recently ran about Latesha Clay, the 15-year-old girl recently sentenced to a maximum of 20 years for getting caught up in the Backpage scam Tony Ortega for so long championed in his editorial pages.

This was yet

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