Tony Ortega is a former employee of the Village Voice—a publication which found itself in hot water when it was revealed they’d been advertising the services of known sex-traffickers in their seedy ‘Backpage’ section.

Ortega now runs the Underground Bunker blog. Billing itself as the go-to zone for (eye-rolling sensationalized, bigoted, anti-religious) rants, it gives away Ortega’s game. How much clearer can it be that this supposedly “legitimate” blog is nothing but a bully pulpit from which Ortega can indulge his intolerance disguised as social outrage and foist off entirely fabricated nonsense as “breaking news”?

Sources in the journalist community consider Tony Ortega a developer of false leads, and let’s be clear Ortega is not a real journalist and here is why. When evaluating information, we are often admonished to “consider the source.” In the case of Tony Ortega, the warning applies not only to the content of his blogs but also to Ortega personally and the “publications” for which he worked.

Alternative papers are free weekly publications that earn revenue most often through the sale of the kind of advertising that reputable newspapers won’t permit – adult bookstores, strip clubs, classifieds with strong sexual content, etc. In between the trash, they slip in tabloid-style articles, promoted as “edgy” or “daring” when, in truth, they are simply fabrications sensationalized by low credibility writers like Ortega. While some of these “papers” make an effort to rise above the rest, most are gutter rags that all too often define “alternative news” as a slanderous substitution of the facts.

Ortega has spent his life practicing this excuse for journalism within the New Times Media and the Village Voice Media franchise of alternative papers. This platform has suited him well, for Ortega wrote for sleazy tabloids like he was born to it, a disposition that was in evidence as far back as high school.

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained Part II

We set out yesterday to layout and explain the impending seismic impact of the latest spate of cases to hit federal courts this week with regard to the slow-moving train wreck that has been the Backpage.

Today we continue to unpack the ramifications in order to give our readers a better understanding of just how

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The Backpage Rabbit Hole Explained

News continues to ricochet around the world of the latest development in the wake of the brewing Backpage. And this has had a number of our readers asking why this is such a big deal.

With that in mind we thought it could be beneficial to break the Salesforce case down in order to better

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Blatant Double Standards

We recently reported that fifty women are suing Salesforce, alleging the company profited by helping Backpage to engage in sex trafficking.

Too long the story of Tony Ortega’s bosses and their worldwide human trafficking ring has lingered in the shadows, on the periphery of other news stories favored by the mainstream media.

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The Backpage Hydra

In Greek mythology the Hydra was a many headed monster that guarded the entrance to the underworld. Part of what made this beast so terrifying was that whenever one of its heads was cut off, another two would grow in its place.

While the Hydra was never more than a myth, the Backpage was a

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Tony Ortega Is Leaving No Good Deed Unpunished

Tony Ortega has been accused of a lot of things, but being a paragon of compassion for human suffering has never been one of them.

He underscored this fact in true-to-form fashion recently on his blog in a slapdash post thrown together with a single goal in mind: to mock Scientology’s Urgent Call

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Backpage Boss Flips on Co-Conspirators

It seems like every time we check the news here, the horror story known as Backpage and the cadre of ghouls who continue to support them despite the fact that the truth of their intentions is daily coming into sharper focus.

As we all know by now, this year started off with the long awaited

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Another day, another Backpage-related lawsuit.

As the notorious website Backpage was under fire by legislators and the public over alleged prostitution ads linked by critics to sex trafficking of minors, San Francisco software titan Salesforce stepped in to save the site and help it grow, a new lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit filed by 50 “Jane Does” alleges:

“Salesforce knew the

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Backpage Fallout Continues to Fester

This week we’ve been looking at the enduring legacy of destruction in the wake of the only underage sex peddling platform personally endorsed by Tony Ortega.

We saw how the murder in Atlanta ties directly back to Backpage’s thinly veiled revamp of its prostitution platform, rebranded now as ‘adult dating’. But the problem

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“The whole point of is that we aren’t involved after two consenting adults find each other through the community bulletin board, which exists solely so that people can freely express themselves.” – Tony Ortega

As we reported the past few days, though the Feds shut down the infamous sex ring, personally vouched for Tony

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