Parsing Tony’s Obsessive Twitter History

Following on the recent news more details surrounding Tony Ortega’s Twitter habits have emerged, we take a deeper dive into still more specifics behind his controversial use of the popular microblogging platform.

When we searched the most-used words in Ortega’s Twitter history we find hard proof that his number one obsession “Scientology” takes the top spot.

In fact over 20% words in Ortega’s Twitter posting carrier is the single word Scientology. Every fifth word out of his mouth! If that doesn’t scream compulsive fixation what does?

Ortega’s repetitive list of Twitter terms goes on to include Scientology leaders, his TV idol Leah Remini, and indeed rank and file scientologists themselves. In fact, nearly 40% of the individual words Tony Ortega spits out on Twitter directly pertain to his Scientology fixation.

His one track mind is so preoccupied by his thirst to be recognized as an expert on the matter that even his hashtags are almost entirely related to Scientology.


Curiously, there are two exceptions among his choice of hashtags, “#1” and “believer”. We can only surprise these must in reference to how he sees himself when ranked against other one track Internet conspiracy trolls – he’s the number one believer.

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