Paul Haggis Changes His Story on Rape Charges, Again

Accused rapist, Paul Haggis, was accused of sexual assault by 4 women earlier this year. According to Variety, Haggis claimed he was being railroaded by Scientology and that these accusations were completely false.

Haggis launched a countersuit of his own against one of his accusers, publicist Haleigh Breest, the same day she sued him. He then hired a private investigator on his accuser to investigate of her private life in the hopes of intimating her, and presumably whoever ever might come forward to accuse him next.

To no one’s surprise, this summer Haggis’s countersuit against his accuser was thrown out of court. Meanwhile his accuser, Haleigh Breest’s lawsuit was allowed to go forward.

This week, it looks like Paul Haggis is trying out his latest excuse: it was totally consensual sex.

As invested as Haggis seemed in his ‘this is a hoax’ defense, he looks to have made a pretty abrupt face on the subject. According to court documents Haggis filed his response to a lawsuit against him by publicist Haleigh Breest on Monday in which he admitted he received oral sex from her but claimed it was consensual.

In the documents, Haggis said her claims were “shocking and scandalous claims of fiction” which he “vehemently denies.” Haggis also denies Breest “gave [him] oral sex” forcibly or without her consent, categorizing the moment as consensual.

Another of Haggis’ accusers claimed that the director and screenwriter raped her in 1996 when she was 28 years old and working as a publicist.

At the time, she claimed she was working on a television series Haggis was producing and one day he had asked her to review photos from the show at night. The woman claimed that Haggis then insisted they go to a back office, where he quickly began kissing her.

I just pulled away. He was just glaring at me and came at me again. I was really resisting. He said to me, ‘Do you really want to continue working?’” the woman told the AP. “And then he really forced himself on me. I was just numb. I didn’t know what to do.” She then claimed Haggis made her perform oral sex before allegedly raping her. The accuser added that she did not tell the police at the time because she was worried Haggis would end her career.

And yet another woman claimed when she was in her 30s, Haggis tried to kiss her during a nighttime meeting. A fourth woman claimed that after Haggis forcibly kissed her, he followed her into a taxi and then attempted to force his way into her residence.

How Haggis intends to spin these allegations remains to be seen. Perhaps he will attempt to convince the court that these acts were consensual too?

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