Paul Haggis’ sister predicted her brother’s next move

We find it very interesting that Paul Haggis’ sister predicted in 2015 what her brother was going to do if caught with his pants down.


When Paul Haggis began his attacks on Scientology, his interviews included a caveat that, knowing Paul as well as I do, I found highly entertaining.  He floated the idea that, due to his slandering of Scientology, at some future time terrible rumors would be circulated about him.  It’s the kind of distraction tactic they used in the old classic movies where the thief, who knows the cops will soon be rounding the corner in hot pursuit, picks some poor sucker out of the crowd and shouts, “Thief! Over there! He did it!” and watches with a Cheshire cat grin while the innocent party is hauled away.  It is the reason I write this blog: to keep up with Paul’s latest vicious spin and work to set the record straight.

My response to that claim, and all of Paul’s other ridiculous assertions, is summed up in my 2014 letter to the editor of the New Yorker, which states in part:

Paul admits in your article that he came to Scientology a very flawed individual. He halfheartedly confesses to a murky, if not criminal past, calling himself “a bad kid.” At this point in Mr. Wright’s mind-numbingly protracted article I was surprised to see an unexpected kernel of truth appear. Paul’s admission of a long term inability to stop himself from committing harmful acts against others is the most honest comment I have ever heard him make, and while I commend any effort to come clean to any extent, just the fact that he worked so hard to excuse and obscure what more there is to tell suggests a Titanic-size iceberg still remains below the surface.

Well, it seems that iceberg has begun to surface – courtesy, ironically, of the hackers who brought us the entire subscribers database of Ashley Madison (I wonder how Paul, a self-proclaimed “champion of free speech,” is enjoying this so-called exercise of first amendment rights?).

According to the published logs, it seems that on an April afternoon in 2009, Paul was sitting in his lovely Santa Monica home signing up for the “services” provided by the infamous online “dating” service.  Several invoices appear in his name using his credit card information and an address that only he would know to use.


I also found the same links here (scroll down to comments):

Where was his lovely wife? Probably off doing charitable work for which he would later take credit (a guess on my part, but it was a pattern with him, no matter which wife was involved. Every con man needs a beard.)

Whether or not engaging in such activities makes Paul a fit celebrity spokesperson for a Catholic charity, I will leave to Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), its donors, and the Roman Catholic Church to decide.

What I find intriguing is that it was just six months later, in October of 2009, that Paul Haggis loudly and self-righteously resigned from the Church of Scientology.  He had been inactive for decades but suddenly he popped up claiming that he just had to resign because someone within our church had somehow offended his high ethical standards.  He announced he had been doing all this “research” on the internet, you see….

Yes, Paul, we see very well.  Your capacity for self-righteous hypocrisy is staggering and your talent for spinning a “big lie” surpasses any screen story you ever produced.

This timeline demonstrates clearly that Paul Haggis knew well the kind of rumors that would eventually surface to ruin his reputation and that any public revelation would be due to his own craven ineptitude.

Still, I recommend keeping your computer on and the popcorn hot because, knowing Paul well, I suspect that his antics courtesy of Ashley Madison are still just the tip of that Titanic size-iceberg we have yet to view.

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