Paul Haggis: Stubbornly Ignored Facts

We all remember how back in 2013, publicist Haleigh Breest accused Paul Haggis of raping her. After she filed a lawsuit, Haggis attempted to countersue claiming the charges were part of an “outrageous” conspiracy to destroy him personally. Perhaps he’s hoping no one will notice he’s been accused by multiple other women of similar rape charges. (Now that would be outrageous!)

Readers of this blog will not have forgotten three additional women who came forward with their own sexual misconduct accusations, includes another publicist who says he forced her to perform oral sex, before raping her.

Nor will they have forgotten how one of the other women speaking out told The Associated Press that Haggis tried to sexually assault her, saying “I need to be inside you,” before she managed to run to from his attack.

Or how another of the new accusers said Haggis held down her arms, forcibly kissed her on a street corner, then followed her into a taxi before she was able to escape his clutches

And these are merely the cases we know about already.

The obvious question remains, When will Remini and Rinder have an episode on rapes on the mysterious coincidence of these multiple charges. If it is simply a matter of a Scientology lead conspiracy, why not expose it as such?

The answer should be just as obvious. Like so many of the claims made by Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and their cabal of rage-filled critics there exists zero proof on their side. In fact, their unwillingness to even address the subject is damningly obvious: to do so would be to give away the game. Their carefully constructed narratives fall apart the closer you look at them.

The world of facts is a minefield for propagandists like them. Their carefully spun web of conspiracy theories and smear stories present dangers at every turn. Only those drunk on the lies spewed by the rabid hate-community could fail to see the truth before them. And that is exactly the audience they target.

As founding father John Adams once said,“ Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”.

Maybe this is why the critics remain so curiously silent on the facts and evidence surrounding Paul Haggis.

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