Phony Tony TV

We reported earlier on Tony Ortega’s delusional idea of starting a propaganda network hosted on his failing blog.

Touting “some really significant stories coming soon” Tony Ortega is trying to sucker his dwindling battalion of fiery ‘anti-religionists’ into supporting his fledging attempt to get an imagined ‘video arm’ of his propaganda movement up and running for the new year.

“We’re taking a subtler approach, and we hope it’s a compelling one,” Ortega begins his sales pitch. “We’re choosing [stories] that we’ve covered here before, and presenting them in a way that we hope will draw people back here…” Yeah, right!

Predictably, Ortega goes on to make his big ask. He needs your help to spread his lies far and wide over social media, “…Email them to your friends, accost people in the street — whatever it takes!” he urges his naive followers.

If you know anything about Tony Ortega you already understand this isn’t at all about “getting a conversation going”, as he misleading implies in his sales pitch.

This is about getting his sweaty hands on your money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hmm.. where have we seen this approach before? Cribbing from dead issues, recycled in the hopes of making a fast buck with minimal effort… Sounds an awful lot like the blatant cash grab he attempted with his self published book of old blog posts if you ask us. Nice try with your “subtler approach” Tony. This is just more of the same from a guy who ran out of original thoughts years ago.

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