Pimp Facilitator Unsurprising Predictability

Sometimes people surprise you. You can know someone your whole lifetime and still learn new and fascinating aspects of their personality. This certainly not the case with a guy like Tony Ortega.

For as long as we have been covering him we feel we can honestly say the only thing surprising about him is how utterly predictable he is. Longtime readers will need no further reminding that his decades long obsession with Scientology has ultimately been nothing more than a means of trying to get his audience riled up, fanning the flames of bigotry and hate so that he can make fast buck selling the rage he’s fomented right back to them.

We knew all of this before he started his second crusade against the Jehovah’s Witness. Though no one knew he was going to expand his hate franchise, nobody was surprised to hear about it when he did.

Sadly for Tony’s cottage outrage industry, he doesn’t seem to be getting quite the rise out of readers he feels he needs to in order more fully rip apart the fabric of tolerant society. So once again he changes tacts. (And once again surprises no one.)

So what is this new angle Tony Ortega is taking? Who are these new targets of the obsessive hate he wants so desperately for you to share with him? The answer is as ridiculous and obscure as Tony’s blog. Big game hunters.

Eager to draw some sort of connection between his rabid atheism and his newfound love of wild animals, Tony apparently tried to come up with a hashtag catchy enough to get noticed by a new audience begging to be force-fed his anger and frustration. Let’s just say, it didn’t go as gangbusters as he hoped.

As of this writing the hashtag ‘LetUsPrey’ has garnered him less than 20 likes. Ouch. But this is Tony Ortega we are talking about here. And none of this comes as a surprise.

However, Ortega is still remaining silent and he is doing nothing to support the victims of Backpage.com some of which were beaten, tortured and killed. What’s the hashtag for that, Tony?

Tony Ortega should be prosecuted for being a pimp facilitator.

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