Praising Roger Friedman

Tony Ortega has praised columnist Roger Friedman numerous times for defaming Scientology at every opportunity. It might even be fair to say both Ortega and Friedman are consumed by the same mudslinging obsession.

Friedman began his “Showbiz411” column in April 2009 after getting fired by Fox News, tellingly enough for downloading a pirated version of Wolverine from which to write his review.

What’s not widely known is that Friedman, in somewhat ironic addition to his role as media pirate, acted as defacto ‘media wrangler’ for Hollywood mogul and infamous sex pest Harvey Weinstein, helping to manipulate public perception of the latter’s work for years.

Can Friedman honestly answer these questions?

Did Harvey Weinstein’s company, Miramax, fund Friedman to the tune of $700,000 for a documentary Friedman produced?

Did Friedman routinely offer rave reviews of Miramax films while heavy-handedly “criticizing” its competitors’ films?

What prompted former Miramax publicist Dennis Higgins to say, “The most notorious example (of Weinstein manipulating the press) is Roger Friedman, who often uses his Internet gossip, 411, to tout (and very occasionally knock) Miramax films….”?

The firm suspicion of many is he cannot.

It is a matter of public record that when Friedman’s co-conspirator Harvey Weinstein was caught in the biggest Hollywood sex scandal in recent times, he wrote, “The revelations about Harvey Weinstein– horrible but nothing on the scale of Donald Trump or Bill Cosby– have caused mayhem on Twitter and elsewhere for show biz types. Mudslinging and hypocrisy are out of control.”

It would appear Tony Ortega, taking a page from Friedman’s playbook, is opting to remain suspiciously “silent”, possibly to avoid incriminating himself, about his role in marketing the infamous sex trafficking website, which has been recently shut down by federal law enforcement.

Indeed, growing numbers of journalists and media writers are voicing their agreement in condemning Friedman’s corrupt tactics.

As David Poland wrote in a piece damningly titled, “Weinstein Butt Boy, Roger Friedman, Angles For A Settlement”.

Matt Goldberg would make a similar observation in his article, “Disgraced Journalist Roger Friedman Finds Work at The Hollywood Reporter”.

As true as this is of Friedman, it is also true of Ortega. No organization interested in maintaining its credibility would reasonably consider hiring either. Perhaps this is why Tony Ortega remains so chronically unemployable.

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