Public Service Announcement: Nathanial Thomas Plotner

Nathanial Thomas Plotner also known as Nasty Nathanial is a stalker.

Not only Plotner stalks his victims but he has one of them tattooed on his body twice, but his obsession goes way beyond the tattoos.

He will stalk you, harass you and violate your privacy under the guise of “free speech”. He will show up at your residence stalking you as early as 7:00 AM.

Nathanial Plotner bragged about providing one of his stalking videos to the Leah Remini hate show.

Don’t be fooled by this man because he is not what he seems or claims to be.

Here is is an article that was published in April 2002 when Nathanial Plotner was arrested.

Man arrested on extortion charges

PISMO BEACH 77 A Santa Maria man who Pismo Beach police said may have been playing a “spy vs. spy” game was arrested at gunpoint Thursday night on suspicion of extortion, terrorist threats, stalking and threatening to slay a peace officer.

Nathan Thomas Plotner, 24, was apprehended on Donovan Road near his home on East Harding Avenue at 9:20 p.m., after he had left for his job at a Grover Beach convenience store.

Plotner was known to always wear black, including black military-style “BTU” pants tucked into boots and a black cap, said investigators. The suspect was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of ,400,000 bail. This is the second time he had been arrested on similar charges. His history shows an arrest and guilty plea in 1998, also for threatening a peace officer. Continue reading.

Court documents:

Nathanial Thomas Plotner counts

Nathanial Thomas Plotner conviction

 We will keep you updated about Nathanial Plotner.
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