Public Service Announcement: Richard Henning Wood

Richard Henning Wood Golden Village Palms Resort

Richard Henning Wood, also known as Benused, is a stalker who violates people’s privacy on behalf of Tony Ortega (Ortega referrers to Richard Wood as anonymous source).

Be aware of Richard Wood coming to your neighborhood he will fly his drone over your property and film it without your consent. When Wood is caught stalking he will lie about being the drone operator.

These are the vehicles that you will see him driving.

If you are being video’ed without your consent in your private residence by Richard Wood report him to law enforcement immediately.

We would like to thank Tony Ortega for providing information that enabled us to identify his anonymous drone-stalker.

Our readers should also be aware of the following announcement published by the FAA:

“The FAA requires all new drone owners to register each drone that is purchased weighing between 0.55lbs to 55lbs. If you meet the criteria to register an unmanned aircraft and fail to register, you may be subject to the civil and/or criminal penalties defined in the U.S. Government drone regulation terms, including fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three years.”

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