Pure Theater

Backpage.com Bosses

We have spoken openly and frankly here on the blog about how Michael Lacey and James Larkin piggybacked off their then-failing newspaper Village Voice to launch an international sex trafficking syndicate with a global reach. They succeeded in their efforts far beyond what they’d imagined and today we are all the worse for it.

They knew, if exposed, Backpage would be nothing short of a nightmarish PR disaster. But it wasn’t until their hired philandering Editor-in-Chief, Tony Ortega, weaseled into the picture that a ‘pro-active’ game plan came into focus.

Using a has-been hack journalist like Tony Ortega as their public-facing mouth-piece, Backpage attempted to cover their criminal tracks by insisting they were “First Amendment radicals” who were fighting the ‘good’ fight for freedom of speech advocates everywhere.

As so much that comes out of the mouth of Tony Ortega, nothing could have been further from the truth.

In those intervening years since, ample evidence has come to light that Backpage executives and their craven mouth-piece lackies were aware of what was going on behind the scenes as the company knowingly facilitated child sex trafficking.

According to the Senate report on Backpage, moderators for the website told the subcommittee in charge: “…Everyone at the company knew the adult-section ads were for prostitution and that their job was to ‘put lipstick on a pig’ by sanitizing them.”

Of course they knew what they were doing. They all knew, and did nothing.

Like the coward he is, Tony Ortega continued to defend his child sex-ring masters by playing the victim card, asserting that the constitutional rights of he and his pimp pals to exploit young children and vulnerable women was a hill worth dying on.

It was pure theater.

Just like everything Tony Ortega touches, it was never about lofty ideals, or integrity, or ethics — it was about money.

The deviants behind Backpage understood they had created a market leader, which according to the Senate report was “netting more than 80% of all revenue from online commercial sex advertising in the United States.”

Tony Ortega understood that too, and kept lying anyway.

Tony Ortega former Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice and chief Backpage.com apologist

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