Radical Intolerance

There’s a fascinating phenomenon which routinely occurs in public conversation around the country any time anyone begins to denigrate a people group or religious community. Whenever bigoted hate speech rears its ugly head there is immediate push-back against those who would attempt to ‘hate-shame’. It’s as if we as a society have at some deep level an understanding that engaging in such behavior crosses an unspoken line. We see it in our political discourse, on the cable news channels, and around office water coolers.

Apparently, however, this unspoken red line of civility is meaningless to Leah Remini and the executive producers over at A&E as they routinely attack and malign practitioners of one religion in particular.

Can you imagine if Leah Remini and company did nothing episode after episode but detail the “horrors” of being Muslim? What if they constantly “demonstrated” the “insanity” of the Buddhist Eight-fold path? Or if they pondered aloud why the authorities weren’t immediately called when an entire group practiced the “child abuse” of having their children eat bitter herbs for Passover?

Can you imagine how loud the outcry would be if they set their sights on targeting a particular religion in order to “expose the evil” of believing in any higher power at all?

And yet with every increasingly tediously repetitive, hate-driven installment of their anti-tolerance propaganda program, Leah Remini et al do exactly that.

Why have we as a nation suddenly decided we are ok with this? How is it acceptable that the entire population of Scientologists are made to appear as less-than human because a handful of bigots with the loudest megaphones stand at the bully pulpit declaring as much?

The true evil at work here is not among the innocent parishioners who are routinely being smeared by scandalous untruths and shameless demagoguery, it is among those who would look to impose their unique brand of hate upon the American people. They want to drive the conversation toward radical intolerance, toward wide-spread fear and distrust of those who do not believe exactly what they believe.

This is their game plan and has been all along. And we can no longer afford to let them get away it.

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